Hey There!

Welcome to my little corner of the world! I’m Margaret, a 20-something doctoral student studying communication, rhetoric and digital media. I’m also a photographer and brand strategist focused on helping clients deliver identity solutions and marketing tactics that drive their goals. I’m happy you’re here!

What I Do

I’m a wearer of many hats and enjoy exercising as many skills as possible to finish a product. I’m a photographer by trade, but also work in all of the creative mediums you see below. I’d love to assist you in cultivating a brand solution that targets your needs and helps empower your brand vision. Ready to connect? Jump down to the contact form and let’s get started!


Print photography is my passion, and I’ve been wielding the camera since I was 16. It’s at the heart and soul of my work.

Video Production

Video has become the currency of the internet, as nearly 80% of what we consume online is visual content. Quality production is key video success.


I love educating others on the various platforms and tools available to craft a brand vision. It’s my passion to leverage my skills to empower my students.

Branding & Content

Without content, there would be no brand. Without brand, the content would have no house. It’s a combination that requires vision and detail.

Social Strategy

Social media has become a heartbeat for our culture, and the various platforms and tools we have at our disposal seem to change by the day. Let me help you navigate those murky waters!

Analytics & Growth

All good branding decisions are informed by the numbers! Without understanding the under girth of analytics and customer data at your disposal, your business cannot grow and thrive.

The Blog

My blog is a reflection of the deepest parts of my heart. I write from an intensely personal place and my values and beliefs systems are fully on display. I unapologetically believe that the Gospel of Jesus Christ changes people and I am 100% the product of that change. I hope that my words inspire you, give you hope, but most of all remind you that you are loved and wanted by the King of the Universe. Enjoy some recent selections from my blog below!

Let's Connect

I’d love to chat more about your needs! Drop me a note in the contact form below and let’s connect!